Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4: Burgers & A Meal Out

Today was my lucky day, I think. I went walking at the mall with a friend and we decided to eat out afterward. Since I had a coupon for a free Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-a (which I received in February after running a 5K sponsored by Chick-fil-a and still hadn't used), we decided to go there. I got the free sandwich, an ice water, and a medium fruit cup to round out the meal. My total was $2.22, but she didn't give me a receipt and by the time I thought to ask she had already moved on, so I guess I will have to add this to my farmer's market log (maybe a "no receipt" log now). Right as we were finishing up our meal, an employee brought around a tray of samples of their new milkshakes -- the perfect dessert for the perfect!

Hubby and I both had the day off today, so I cooked for lunch. We had a simple meal of hamburgers made on the George Foreman grill and baked tater tots. I can get 4 good-sized hamburger patties at Aldi for about $3 and a pack of buns for 89 cents...much cheaper than getting comparably sized burgers at a fast food place. And it only takes 7 minutes to cook them, so you can't beat that either. Hubby still hasn't eaten dinner, but there is plenty of leftovers and I can always make him the spaghetti that I had planned. ;)

Lunch totals:
Hamburger patties (2) - $1.70
Hamburger buns (2) - $0.22
Cheddar cheese slices (2) - $0.25
Condiments from stockpile
Tater tots from stockpile

I'll actually be cooking again tomorrow...making Szechuan Chicken for lunch from a seasoning packet from Kroger. We tried this once at a friend's house but it was made without vegetables, and we want to try it with the green peppers and onions to add a little nutritional boost. I'm working tomorrow evening, so I'll also be packing a dinner and hubby will be on his own again.

$$ Spent Today: $2.22
$$ Remaining: $7.57

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