Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 10: Skyline at Home

Today was a yucky, rainy day, and neither of us really felt like doing much of anything. I did a little reading, a little knitting, and we watched a movie, but that's about all we've done. For lunch, I was planning to make hot dogs, then I remembered a can of Skyline chili I've had in the pantry for several months and decided to make cheese coneys instead. Since we had some leftover chili after lunch (and my pork chops weren't thawed out yet), I decided to make some more Skyline-at-home for dinner in the form of three-ways. Rest assured that I have eaten some fruit today so my diet wasn't all "bad" carbs. ;) It was a cheap day, and a good lazy day that didn't require a lot of cooking.

Oscar Mayer Beef Hot Dogs (Free after coupon)
Aunt Millie's Buns (55 cents for the whole pack after coupon; we used half of it)
Sargento cheese (from stockpile)
Skyline chili (from stockpile)

Spaghetti (from stockpile)
Skyline chili (from stockpile)
Sargento cheese (from stockpile)

$$ Spent Today: $0.00
$$ Remaining: $3.66

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