Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3: Leftovers Day

Since hubby and I will both be working today, I've tossed the meal plan out the window and declared it leftovers/fend-for-yourself day. ;) Not much point in cooking for just me when I could easily make a sandwich and enjoy some sweet potato chips. Plus we have leftover White Bean & Ham Soup and Round Steak with Garden Vegetables, so I don't think we'll go hungry.

I did end up buying some food at the movies last night (well, early this morning), but they had a $6.50 "kids pack" type thing that included a small popcorn, small drink, and your choice of candy or another small snack. It was the same small popcorn and drink from the menu that sold for $4.50 and $4 each, so that was an awesome deal, plus it came with a grocery store sized bag of M&Ms. I was really wanting some popcorn, so I jumped all over that. The drink was only a 16 oz so I got it with no ice so it would last longer.

$$ Spent Today: $6.50
$$ Remaining: $9.79

1 comment:

  1. Good to see another couple doing the challenge! Seems like everyone has kids...I think it's harder to do only $50 with two people. Good luck and can't wait to see your progress!